ANVERA boats (LG-Yacht)

LG-Yacht is an Italian shipyard specializing in the production of fully carbon speed motorboats (RIBs) Anvera with inflatable tubes. Anvera boats are perfect for day cruises and active water activities, as well as tenders for mega yachts. LG-Yacht is known for its innovative approach to boat design. Each boat is created individually, taking into account the needs of each customer.

To produce Anvera boats which characterized by high performance and efficiency, LG-Yacht uses advanced technologies and materials such as their in-house carbon fiber production. LG-Yacht carries out all work on the production of Anvera boats itself, without involving third-party contractors – pure in-house production.

Interior and exterior

Anvera boats have a modern design and high functionality. They are equipped with everything necessary for comfortable navigation:

  • Open dining area;
  • Wide sun deck;
  • Ergonomic cabins.

In addition, Anvera boats have high maneuverability and can reach very high speeds thanks to their lightweight carbon fiber hull.


LG-Yacht also cares about preserving the environment. The company uses environmentally friendly materials and technologies to minimize the impact on the environment. Together with TecnoElettra, they are also working on creating more efficient and environmentally friendly electric motorboats.

Anvera boats are high-quality carbon speed motorboats that combine high speed, comfort, and innovative design. The company strives to create boats that will satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers while remaining environmentally safe.

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