Dragonfly 25
7,65/8,65 m
5,80/2,30 m
21+ kn
Dragonfly 28
8,75/9,99 m
6,50/2,54 m
22+ kn
Dragonfly 32
9,80/11,90 m
8,00/3,60 m
23+ kn
Dragonfly 40
12,40/14.70 m
8,40/4.00 m
24 kn

Dragonfly Fast Trimarans

Dragonfly is a Danish manufacturer of high-speed sailing trimarans founded in 1967. The brand has won numerous prestigious awards, including the European Yacht of the Year. These trimarans are perfect for family trips and charters in coastal waters. Their impressive speed characteristics combined with low draft and easy handling provide comfortable sailing even in the North Sea.

The Swing Wing system is Dragonfly's main advantage, allowing the floats to be quickly folded. This provides significant space savings in the marinas; Dragonfly trimaran takes up the same berth as a regular monohull yacht.

Small Dragonfly trimarans can be easily transported on public roads, this opening up incredible travel opportunities.


Despite their seeming unwieldiness, multihulls are very dynamic, like motor yachts, which has been proved by victories in regattas.

All Dragonfly trimarans are capable of reaching speeds of over 20 knots. Regattas on trimarans are very popular in Scandinavia – a thrilling battle at high speeds, pure adrenaline.

The undeniable advantage of Dragonfly trimarans is their excellent stability and safety, making them very popular for family vacations with children. In addition, there is no need to worry about seasickness on board such a boat.

Comfort and safety

Dragonfly trimarans have an extremely low draft, allowing for easy movement on rivers, canals, and shallow waters. During coastal trips you can berth almost anywhere without worrying about the safety of the boat.

Most Dragonfly trimarans are available in two versions - cruising and sport. The sport version has more powerful sail equipment.

The relatively high price of Dragonfly trimarans is due to the fact that three hulls need to be built instead of one. Only the highest quality materials, rigging, and rigging are used in the construction of the boat's hulls. All of this ensures a high level of passenger safety and reliability.

Buying a Dragonfly trimaran with Premium Yachts

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