Consulting is an integral part of buying or selling a yacht, including the process of selecting a crew, finding a berth, and much more. The world is constantly changing, and the yachting world is no exception. In conditions of constantly changing "rules of the game," yacht owners inevitably have to adapt to new rules, which can sometimes bring unpleasant surprises.

Based on more than 20 years of experience our company's specialists will help you answer a number of fundamental questions that arise in the process of preparing for the purchase or sale of your yacht:

  • How to buy or sell a yacht without risk (KYC procedure, due diligence, transfer of funds, contractual basis);
  • What ownership scheme is the most legally protected;
  • Tax optimization of ownership;
  • Financial optimization of ownership;
  • Financing and leasing (ship under construction/new yacht purchase/brokerage);
  • How to use: private or commercial? (For example, you may only want to charter your boat from time to time. What to do in this case?);
  • Registration: selection of the most convenient flag;
  • Insurance taking into account the type of vessel and its use (what is mandatory and what is not);
  • Transportation by road or sea transport;
  • Crew (selection, insurance, employment contracts/risks/alternative options);
  • Berth: where and for what period?

Professional yachting consulting from Premium Yachts

Yacht consulting is a service provided by specialists in the yachting business. This is an important service for those who already own a yacht, wants to buy a yacht or sell a yacht. Premium Yachts consultants help their clients make the right choice, taking into account their needs and budget, as well as provide analysis and information on the yacht market and trends in this industry. Premium Yachts can also help with financing and yacht insurance, as well as with the paperwork required for yacht registration (flagging).

Premium Yachts consultants can also help with setting up operational yacht management, ensuring its safe and efficient use. Premium Yachts has extensive experience in the yachting industry, our specialists have professional skills and knowledge of all related processes. This allows us to help yacht owners and those who are planning to buy a motor or sailing yacht make the right decisions.

Trust the experts at Premium Yachts to guide you through the complex world of yacht ownership and management. Our team has decades of experience in the industry and can provide valuable insights and advice on everything from financing and insurance to crew selection and berth location. We understand that every client has unique needs and goals, and we work closely with each one to develop a personalized plan that meets their specific requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our professional yachting consulting services.

Why Premium Yachts?
More than 20 years of experience
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