Buy Your Dream Yacht with Premium Yachts

Premium Yachts offers a unique "buy a yacht" service, providing clients with an independent yacht broker to assist in selecting and purchasing a yacht that meets their specific needs. This service is available for both new and used yachts, ensuring clients have access to a wide range of options.

An independent yacht broker is a professional company that specializes in finding and selecting yachts that meet the buyer's requirements and wishes. They are responsible for assessing the technical condition of the yacht, checking the legal ownership, verifying the ship's documentation, and organizing all stages of the transaction on behalf of the client.

Why Choose an Independent Yacht Broker?

The last decade has shown the importance of conducting a legal examination of any transaction. Premium Yachts has years of experience in supporting transactions, ensuring your safety throughout the process.

Choosing an independent yacht broker offers several advantages, including saving time and effort, access to extensive experience and knowledge in yacht purchases, and the ability to find the best offer and ensure a quick and safe transaction.

Premium Yachts has over 20 years of experience in the yacht industry, working closely with various yacht manufacturers in Europe and the United States. This experience provides our clients with a high level of knowledge of the yacht market, technical competence, and resources necessary for a successful yacht purchase transaction.

Buying a Pre-owned Yacht

Premium Yachts specializes in selecting and selling yachts from the pre-owned market. Our experienced brokers evaluate each client's individual requests and make every effort to find a yacht that meets their quality and price requirements.

Our team of qualified yacht professional brokers provides professional assistance in purchasing a yacht, ensuring you get maximum benefits from this transaction. Choose Premium Yachts for your dream yacht purchase.



Why Premium Yachts?
More than 20 years of experience
“Boutique" company is another level of service and expertise
Highly qualified and experienced specialists
High level of personalized customer service
Full range of services in the yachting industry
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