We are happy to help order your dream yacht. Such a purchase is definitely an emotional moment, but a serious financial commitment and spare time investment as well. For 16 years Premium Yachts has been operating in the yacht sales business. It helps us provide clients with the top level technical expertise, resources and cooperation necessary to complete a successful transaction.

First, you choose a yacht that suits your needs in the best possible way. Then we represent your interests in construction, registration and logistics. We help select and hire the crew, arrange storage, and choose an efficient insurance partner. Also, Premium Yachts takes care of the obligatory registration based on the way you operate the boat, and provides post-warranty and maintenance services, transportation, etc.



Why Premium Yachts?
16 years of experience in the European and Russian markets
The first Russian company to enter the European market
Full range of services in the yacht market
Qualified and experienced staff
High level of personalized customer service
Customer focus
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