Yacht Management Service from Premium Yachts

Yacht management is a comprehensive service that includes, but not limited to, technical maintenance control, operational management, crew search and management, crew pay roll, budgeting, financial accounting and reporting, vessel documentation control and supervision, inventory control, mooring, insurance arrangement.

Appointing a management company to effectively operate your yacht's technical and operational supervision on a daily basis has several advantages:

  • Time and money savings. Management company takes care of all your yacht management tasks, allowing the yacht owner to focus on other matters without spending time organizing technical maintenance and operational management.
  • Quality technical maintenance. Management company provides qualified service and technical support for the yacht at a high level (scheduled maintenance and unforeseen malfunctions), ensuring its safety and reliability of operation.
  • Operational management. Management company monitors the condition of the yacht and responds promptly on 24/7 basis to any problems related to its operation, as well as to the owner's wishes.
  • Crew management. Management company takes care of selecting, checking, hiring and training the crew. As well as it takes a responsibility for arrangement of crew employment, insurance for the crew and pay roll. Last but not least your management company will take care about disputes with crew.
  • Financial accounting and reporting. Management company keeps track of expenses, prepares reports, and provides the yacht owner with complete and transparent financial reporting on a monthly basis. Budgeting and budget control monitoring is also an integral part of the management company's activities.
  • Owner’s trip organization. Management company can help the yacht owner organize charter trips by developing and compiling routes for the owner's cruises based on their wishes and set time frames.

What daily yacht management routine includes:

  • Financial control. Budgeting (annual and monthly). Control and optimization of expenses, payment of bills. Preparation of financial reports for the yacht owner on a regular basis
  • Yacht Classification maintenance and supervision
  • Yacht Flag (registration) maintenance and supervision
  • Monitoring and organization of annual, scheduled, and emergency service works
  • Supervision of shipyard warranty obligations for new built yachts
  • Crewing
  • Mooring
  • Insurance
  • Inventory
  • Bunkering
  • Yacht and Owner Provisioning
  • General consulting

Thus, appointing a management company to effectively manage your yacht's technical and operational management on a daily basis is an important step in ensuring safety, reliability, and owner’s comfort during yacht operation.

Premium Yachts has been working in the yacht and mega-yacht management segment since 2003. During this time, we have thoroughly worked out many schemes for trouble-free yacht operation in different regions, including Europe.

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