Based in Denmark, X-Yachts produces reliable and high-quality yachts. Their seaworthiness is confirmed by several decades of operation in different climates. Most X-Yachts models are successful in regattas, including high profile competitions. These versatile cruisers attract more and more fans of the brand thanks to high-speed capabilities and the highest level of safety. X-Yachts are capable of making transoceanic crossings and round the world journeys.


Founded in 1967, Dragonfly is a Danish shipyard that manufactures comfortable sailing high-speed trimarans with a very shallow draft. They are easy to handle and do not require a large crew. Also, it’s easy to berth in marinas thanks to the folding hulls. Dragonfly delights sailors who like short and fast journeys. These yachts are very capable of winning regattas and suitable for overnight trips as it’s easy to explore bays that are unreachable for regular keel boats.