Refitting may be required for both a new yacht that left the shipyard a couple of years ago and a boat with a history. Refitting often takes place after a change of ownership or before a sale. The concept of "refit" covers a very wide range of work: it can be regular technical maintenance plus cosmetic repairs, or in other cases, equipment modernization and interior redesign. How do you know what you need? How do you choose a management company? Where do you start? Answers to these and other questions are in the article below.

Start planning the refit in advance

Planning the refit of a sailing or motor yacht should be done in advance. Let's skip the endless communication with interior designers and so on. Maximum time should be spent on developing a technical task for the contractor. Then, together with the contractor, develop project documentation and a schedule for work production. Additional (hidden) works will surely appear during the process, but competent preliminary expertise and detailed work documentation will minimize the list of unplanned works.

What aspects does refit cover?

Yacht refit can include an extensive range of activities:

  • Stainless steel work;
  • Audio-video equipment;
  • Electrical systems and automation;
  • Exterior painting of the hull and superstructure;
  • Fiberglass work;
  • Hydraulic and plumbing systems;
  • Interior carpentry;
  • Interior painting works;
  • Updating navigation systems and electronics;
  • Propulsion system repair and maintenance;
  • Stabilization systems;
  • Steering equipment and much more.

Important! Before approval, all planned works are coordinated with the classification society inspector.

Combine refit with class inspection and regulatory maintenance works

For example, a mandatory 5- or 10-year class inspection is associated with significant costs, and in such cases, it is worth combining mandatory work and desirable work on interior renovation, replacement of galley equipment, updating navigation equipment, installing modern TVs and AV systems. Ordering mandatory and refit work in bulk will be cheaper.

Country where refit to be carried out

Of course, the champion in the number of specialized shipyards is Italy. For any taste and budget. But in modern conditions, Turkey has come to the fore. For large steel mega yachts, of course, Germany and the Netherlands are unrivaled.

Choose a project management company with bias

The most important and main point. In the refit market, there is a great chance of encountering unscrupulous service providers. The project manager company is passed on by grateful clients from hand to hand. Such a company usually has a small number of employees, but each of them is a multi-tasking specialist, well versed in drawings, electrical diagrams, estimates, and at the same time is a technical supervisor.

Premium Yachts is a small "boutique" company - this is another level of service and expertise. Our goal is not to compete with large companies in the market with a large number of employees and clients. We want to remain small and very focused on our clients’ needs.

Process control

We assign an experienced project manager for each refit project. Thus, we guarantee that our client is constantly taken care of during the repair process. The general management of our company actively participates in the process throughout the repair, and a personal project manager ensures a high level of quality of services provided. Extensive connections have been established at Premium Yachts - from equipment suppliers to the best electrical engineer. We maintain links with shipyards specializing in yacht construction and refit work and know exactly where the best hull painting equipment is located at one shipyard, while another excels at welding aluminum.

In conclusion, planning ahead and choosing the right management company can make the refit process smoother and more cost-effective. With attention to detail and expertise, a yacht can be transformed into a luxurious and functional vessel that meets the owner's needs.

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