SIRENA Yachts is a relatively young but rapidly growing shipyard that has already won several prestigious awards. The company works with well-known design studios such as Cor D.Rover (Netherlands) and Tommaso Spadolini (Italy), as well as the team of architects from Frers Naval Architecture & Engineering (Argentina/France). The hull design is handled by Wolfson Unit (England, University of Southampton). SIRENA yachts are designed for long journeys and are equipped and certified for unrestricted cruising areas.

The shipyard produces semi-displacement motor yachts ranging from 16,04 to 29 meters in length. The most spacious model, the Sirena 88, was released in 2019 and is designed for long, calm cruises, capable of covering up to 3500 nautical miles on a single fuel tank. In 2022, the highly anticipated Sirena 78 was released, filling the gap between the 68 and 88 models.

All SIRENA yacht models are certified Class A, exception is Sirena 48 Class B, meaning they can cruise in virtually any area of the World's oceans except for freezing waters. Most components of the yachts are produced in-house, allowing for maximum flexibility in meeting customer demands and quality control. The yacht's autonomy is increased due to its extended range, allowing for longer journeys.

SIRENA yachts have excellent hydrodynamic performance, allowing them to move efficiently in displacement mode and quickly reach high speeds in planing mode. The yacht's course stability is achieved through the use of a keel and semi-tunnel propellers. The use of carbon in the construction of superstructures provides high stability by reducing the center of mass, while the record-breaking width of the hulls of all models provides spacious and comfortable cabins and additional space on the external decks.

Our managers will help you find the perfect yacht that meets all your requirements. For any questions regarding the yachts’ sale, purchase or charter please call the number listed on the website's homepage or send an inquiry.